I’m trying to use Category Theory to turn everything into pictures. So far, I’ve mostly been working in machine learning. By “pictures”, I really mean string diagrams. Here’s the reverse chain rule:

That comes from this paper. See my publications for more!


NOTE: I’m currently looking for research work after my Ph.D. If you’re interested in working with me, please reach out to me at paul AT statusfailed DOT com.

My long term goals are to understand different aspects of computation in terms of category theory, and apply this to building genuinely intelligent machine learning systems that interact with their environments.

One day, I’d like to have a computer completely defined in terms of morphisms of different categories: I imagine the “tower of abstractions” that make a modern computer as a stack of categories with functors between them; all sitting on top of the circuit morphism describing the behaviour of the CPU itself.

More immediately, I am interested in applying Category Theory (and in particular diagrammatic representations) to the following areas:

I’m currently a Ph.D student at The University of Southampton. My supervisors are Fabio Zanasi and Pawel Sobocinski.


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