Year Title
2022 Categories of Differentiable Polynomial Circuits for Machine Learning
2022 String diagrams for non-strict monoidal categories
2021 The Cost of Compositionality: A High-Performance Implementation of String Diagram Composition
2021 Categorical Foundations for Gradient-Based Learning
2021 Category Theory in Machine Learning
2020 Reverse Derivative Ascent: A Categorical Approach to Learning Boolean Circuits
2019 CARTOGRAPHER: A Tool for String Diagrammatic Reasoning

Projects and Open Source

Project About News feed of resources on category theory for machine learning
numeric-optics A deep learning framework based on category theory
cartographer-har An implementation of string diagrams based on sparse matrices
Hackage-Fu Chrome productivity addon for Hackage (source on github)

Old / Unmaintained

Project About
machines-group A group-by operator for machines (now merged)
aeson-traversal Law-abiding lenses for JSON (now part of lens1)
attoparsec-arff An ARFF parser. Also on github

  1. Originally uploaded on hackage as the lens-aeson project, which was later significantly improved by Edward Kmett, and then rolled into lens↩︎